Necklace for The Sweet Pink Art Show at QPOP Gallery Feb 2017

Necklace for Mermaids & Mer-men Art Show at QPOP Gallery Aug 2017

Mockup of skateboard art inspired by Lisa Frank 2019

Animated Sticker Pack created for developer Curtis Baker on IOS

Name logo built in Illustrator inspired by Lisa Frank

Previous logo 2010-2019

Skateboard Ice Cream, acrylic paint & glitter vinyl on wood 2019

Jewelry photo to use in apparel printing

Crane Game pendant built in Illustrator using laser cut acrylic

Popsicle charm in resin with custom made gold stick

Cutie charm built in Illustrator, made with resin and acrylic

Mockup of Veruca Salt in Illustrator

Sparkle Inn keychain built in Illustrator